Need 21.7 – 22-Year-Old Recovering From COVID-19 Impact

Today, we alert you to a 22-year-old young woman working to recover from the impact of COVID and the shutdowns. As we have said before, we have witnessed firsthand how the labor market’s hourly and lower-level workers have been hit the hardest. She lost her retail job during the shutdown and got unemployment. She went back to work and contracted COVID-19. She has underlying conditions and was admitted to the hospital. She recovered, then tried and failed at a home-based sales opportunity. She is now back at work, and we are reasonably confident she will sustain herself from now on. She did have a little bit of savings but used them to pay her medical bills as they arrived. (If we had talked to her before this, we would have helped her create a better payback plan) She does not have any family as her father is absent, and her mother died when she was in high school. She is $750 short on her rent this month, and we want to help her make her rent payment.






raised of a $750.00 goal

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