Need 21.63 – Single Mother Fled Domestic Violence

We alert you today to a single mother of two kids (8,15) who needs one month of support. She fled an abusive marriage in late 2019 after a life-threatening domestic violence attack from her husband. She worked to rebuild her life in a safe environment for her children at the beginning of 2020, and shortly after, the COVID-19 shutdowns began. Unfortunately, as with so many single mothers, her child-care responsibilities collide with her ability to work certain jobs. In this case, that challenge is exacerbated by the fact that her 15-year-old son has disabilities. As a result, she works in a flexible contract sales position selling home remodeling and decorating services direct to consumers. She has made ends meet each month up until now, but her industry has slowed down because most people don’t want ongoing projects in their home during the holidays. She is new to the industry and did not expect this seasonal issue.

She has limited family support and has been primarily on her own since fleeing domestic violence. She is staring down her December bills that total $2,765, and as of yesterday, she was $200 overdrawn in her account. The overdraft issue has been resolved, and she has food in the house for her and her kids. She also closed a few deals this past week, but she needs support to get her to the beginning of the year.

I recognize the domestic violence happened over a year ago, but sometimes people can make things work for a while until they hit a breaking point. She is at her breaking point now. This mom will receive extensive financial counseling and mentorship going forward. We want to provide for her needs through December. Her total bills are $2,765.






raised of a $2,765.00 goal

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