Need 21.62 – 73-Year-Old Injured Woman Needs Help

Today, we alert you to a 73-year-old single woman who fell in the parking lot of her apartment complex a few weeks ago, shattering two bones in her foot. She receives social security which covers some expenses and holds a job to pay other bills each month. She has worked as a receptionist in an assisted living facility for a long time where she answers the phone and occasionally shows people around the facility.

Two weeks after the accident, her employer told her to vacuum the entire 80,000 square foot facility and spot clean twelve public restrooms. She complied with that request even with her broken foot, and as a result, suffered severe pain the following day. She met with her doctor who warned her that she could not be on her foot to that extent. She is also fighting an infection in her foot that is serious enough to risk amputation if it does not improve.

She called her employer and shared the doctor’s advice, and they simply hung up on her. She was able to get her last check, but she is out of a job. She is doing her best to heal while also looking for work. However, she is facing severe financial problems, and we are praying that she finds a sustainable plan. We want to buy her some time. Her bills each month are $1,700. We want to cover two months of bills to allow her time to heal and figure everything out.






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