Need 21.61 – Recently Widowed Father of Two In Need

Today, we alert you to a recently widowed father of two little girls (10,5) who need support. The wife/mother suffered from diabetes and heart disease and spent the last months of her life disabled. The father tried to keep things together for the family financially during her illness, but ultimately they were evicted from their home while the mother was in the hospital. She passed away on October 31st from a massive heart attack, and the father and two girls are currently homeless. They have some family support and have moved from their home state to a neighboring state to live with their family temporarily. The father is working to secure employment, and the children are enrolled in school. We are praying that this family will recover, and the list of things that are needed and need to be done is long. However, the most pressing issue is clothes and shoes for the father and children for work and school. Our local church partner is ready to connect with this family, and we want to give them a budget to shop with them as they create relationships and connections. We want to give them each a $250 clothing budget, $750 total.






raised of a $750.00 goal

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