Need 21.60 – Recently Widowed Woman Needs Financial Bridge

We alert you today to a woman who lost her husband of 30 years in early August. They both worked and were financially stable, but the loss of income resulting from her husband’s passing has created a severe financial crisis. She is working to begin receiving his social security benefits and half of his military retirement, but the process is delayed due to some internal errors. He also had a small life insurance policy that will payout in the next few months.

She is working, but the monthly bills are too much for her without the extra income, and we want to prevent her from entering a financial hole that may be too deep for her to handle on her own. She has an appointment in the coming weeks to address her husband’s social security and military retirement resources, but it looks like she needs a bridge until the beginning of the year. We want to provide that financial bridge. Her mortgage and utilities total $1,600 per month. We would like to give her two months of support to cover those expenses.






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