Need 21.6 – 54-Year-Old Security Guard Laid Off

We alert you to a 56-year-old man laid off from his security guard position at a local hospital in October. His hours were gradually reduced during the COVID-19 shut down due to the hospital’s slowed elective surgeries and procedures. In October, they laid him off permanently. He has a strong work history and has spent his days doing odd jobs trying to make ends meet. He is hopeful that he will regain his position as the pandemic shutdowns ease in his area and life returns to normal in the next month or two. He has not received any pandemic assistance, and unemployment is backlogged. He is several months behind on his rent and now faces eviction. He needs $2,600 to prevent eviction. If evicted, he will be homeless. We want to help him.






raised of a $2,600.00 goal

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