Need 21.59 – Transportation For Dialysis Treatments

We alert you today to a 53-year-old vision-impaired man who is suffering from renal failure. He spent his career working for the federal government. When his vision deteriorated, he was put on disability and eventually forced out of work. Since then, his income has been drastically reduced. This man has a pension, but he cannot access it for several more years.

His wife works full-time and has to take time off to drive him to his dialysis center, which puts her income in jeopardy. Insurance only covered the first twelve rides to treatment. They have made the necessary adjustments to their insurance coverage to solve the transportation issue in the future, but that change does not go into effect until January. We want to help him get to and from his three dialysis treatments each week through the end of the year. The cost to cover his transportation with Lyft is $150 per week for the next seven weeks.






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