Need 21.58 – Mother of 4 Fled Domestic Violence

Today, we alert you to a mother of four (7,5,3,1) who fled an eight-year domestic violence environment one week ago. She tried everything she could to protect herself and her children. She filed many police reports and was even granted a protective order for a while. Her words to me were, “I can’t understand why he gets away with it.” The violence toward her and her children became so intense that she followed through with an emergency escape plan orchestrated by another impact organization.

She and her children have flown several states away with a suitcase full of belongings for each of them. The other organization secured a mobile home for them and is paying their rent for the next two months. She has established residency in the new state, enrolled her children in school, and she is looking for work. She has no other resources to make their new home livable for her and the children. They pretty much need everything: beds, table, chairs, couch, etc. We want to give our local church partner in her area $3,000 to help her furnish their home.

Let’s also pray Psalm 140:4 for this hurting mother today: “Keep me, O Lord, from the hands of the wicked; preserve me from violent men who have purposed to make my steps stumble.”






raised of a $3,000.00 goal

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