Need 21.53 – Recently Divorced Single Mother Of Two Needs Help

Today, we alert you to a recently divorced single mother of two (9, 11) who needs help while she looks for new employment. She is a new believer, and she has a solid work history as a graphic designer. Unfortunately, she was the victim of a severe sexual harassment incident a few weeks ago. After the incident, she went to lunch and never returned to her workplace. She contacted human resources the next day and was told that they did not believe her. The man who forced himself on her is a family member of the business owners. She contacted a female co-worker who had left the company abruptly a few months earlier, and she learned that the man had done the same to her former co-worker. She is actively looking for employment in her field after this unsettling episode. She needs help getting through this month, and her total bills, including food and gas, are $2,850. We want to buy her a month of time while she secures new employment. Also, if you have an opportunity for her, please email me directly ( and we will forward that communication to her.






raised of a $2,850.00 goal

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