Need 21.50 – COVID Protocols Prevent Single Man From Working

We alert you today to a single man who works at a large corporate distribution center. He has a good work history without any issues supporting himself in the past. Over a month ago, he became sick and decided to fight through the illness while continuing to work. Eventually, his symptoms became too obvious to ignore, and his employer prevented him from returning to work. COVID protocols at the company required him to quarantine for 14 days, provide a negative COVID test, and be symptom-free upon his return to work.

He remained sick with COVID-like symptoms for several weeks, even though he never tested positive. He even received his first dose of the vaccine so that he would be eligible to return to work. By the time he was symptom-free, almost one month had passed. Because he is paid hourly, he was without a paycheck for his entire time away from work. The good news is that he is now back at work. Unfortunately, he has fallen $1,500 behind on his rent. He will have to continue digging out of several financial holes, but we want to secure his housing while he recovers.






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