Need 21.49 – 49-Year-Old Husband Loses Wife To Pancreatic Cancer

Today, we alert you to a 49-year-old husband/father/grandfather who lost his wife this past Friday to pancreatic cancer. She leaves behind her husband, two children (25, 20), and two young grandchildren. Her husband continued working full-time through his wife’s bout with cancer while their 20-year-old son cared for her. As I talked with the father, he told me that he can’t see straight right now. He said, “I have loved her my whole life, faithfully, and now she is gone.”

Her battle with cancer wreaked havoc on the family’s budget. For many months, they found themselves simply hanging on. He and his twenty-year-old son are now living together. The father continues to work full-time, and the son has already secured new employment. They will be digging out of a financial hole for a while, but with two incomes, they have a sustainable path forward. The pressing issue today is that they are two months behind on the rent and facing eviction. We want to cover that part of the financial shortfall and stabilize their housing. They need $3,200 for two months of rent with late fees.






raised of a $3,200.00 goal


  1. keely
    23.09.2021 at 1:34 pm

    This one hit home as my aunt passed away from pancreatic cancer. I would never want to see someone who worked hard to try and do the right thing get evicted. Thanking God for OneNeed and for Him prompting my heart to be a tiny part of this families journey

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