Need 21.42 – 22-Year-Old Caring For Her 5-Year-Old Brother After Their Mother’s Passing

We alert you today to a 22-year-old young woman caring for her 5-year-old autistic brother after losing their mother to cancer. Before she passed away, the mother worked day shifts while the daughter worked nights to make sure that the little brother had childcare. In February, the mother began having severe leg pains. Doctors discovered she had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer along with multiple tumors on her leg. She passed away on April 26th.

The loss of income caused the daughter to fall behind on her rent. She and her little brother are being evicted next week. She has secured a new apartment for the two of them, and she will be able to sustain this new housing arrangement moving forward. She is working 50 hours per week on the night shift at a gas station so that she can be home during the day to care for her little brother. We want to help them make this housing transition. They need $1,275 for the first month’s rent and a security deposit. We would also like to give them an additional $1,000 for moving






raised of a $2,275.00 goal

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