Need 21.4 – Family Hit From All Angles

Today, we alert you to a family that has been hit from all angles in the past eight weeks. The parents both have a strong work history. She works in the finance department of a local hospital, and he is an IT Contractor on a military base. In early December, she was laid off from the hospital because of the severe decline in elective surgeries due to COVID-19. She still has not gotten her unemployment benefits because the system is bogged down. The husband was diagnosed with COVID-19 the week of Christmas and became very ill. He is recovering but still quarantined and has been able to keep them financially afloat by using the vacation time he has accrued over the years. She also lost her father the week of Christmas, and as I spoke to her, she was in the town she grew up in packing her mother to move in with her. They need $2,000 to keep them from going a month behind on bills. We feel like the unemployment will kick in, and the husband will be back to work next month.






raised of a $2,000.00 goal

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