Need 21.30 – 53-Year-Old Single Woman Loses Job Due To Health Issues

You may have noticed it’s been a busy week for Need Alerts, but this will be the last one for the week. Today, we alert you to a 53-year-old single woman who lost her longstanding employment due to failure in her knee joints. The job required her to stand for hours on end. Last month, she became unable to work when her severe knee pain turned to debilitating swelling, rendering her unable to stand. She is under a doctor’s care and may require knee replacement in the future. She missed almost a month of work but has secured new employment that fits her new health constraints. She is waiting for a background check and will have normal paychecks starting next month. She needs $1,400 to help pay her rent this month and bridge the gap until her first paycheck in the new job. We want to help her with one month’s rent.






raised of a $1,400.00 goal

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