Need 21.29 – Hard Working Young Man’s Hours Cut

Today, we alert you to a very hard-working 23-year-old young man who has had his hours cut at work. He and his 18-year-old sister were raised in a very tough environment.  They have no family to lean on during hard times. He has a history of providing for himself and continuing to help his sister when he can. He has worked through the entire pandemic, but he began having his hours cut at work last month. He asked for more work, but instead of firing him, the company just cut his hours to four per week. (They had over-hired, and instead of conducting layoffs, they reduced work hours across the board. As a result, he is still technically employed and has not received any unemployment benefits.)

This young man has looked for a new job, and he had his last interview yesterday with a landscape company that will give him more than fifty hours per week. He should be stable moving forward, but he cannot pay his bills this month which are: rent at $1,100, power bill at $150, and internet/phone at $60. We want to help this hard-working young man with this financial bridge.






raised of a $1,310.00 goal

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