Need 21.37 – Man Needs Help Moving Out Of Sober-Living Home

We alert you today to a man who has been on our radar for over two years through one of our local church partners. In his own words, “Two years ago, I got on my knees and cried out to God for help. Two days later, I was in a six-month sobriety program.” Several years earlier, his wife asked for a divorce, and his now nine-year-old daughter went to live with her mother. He spent the next four years in severe alcohol addiction which eventually led to him losing his driver’s license. Just over two years ago, he gave his life to Christ and entered the sobriety program.

Early on in his sobriety, he asked our local church partner for help. The church agreed to come along and help him as he helped himself. At first, they were able to give him some food. Later on, they provided clothes so that he could interview for jobs after he completed the six-month program. He secured a warehouse job with a major international corporation. He has been sober for two years while consistently paying his monthly bills to live in the sober-living facility. He also pays child support every month for his daughter, and he recently got his driver’s license back.

He is ready to move out of the sober-living facility into an apartment on August 4th. The total cost to move in is $2,500. He has saved half of that amount, but the other half has been hard to raise while maintaining his current bills. He also needs furniture as he is starting over with nothing. He is working with the Salvation Army for furniture, and he will be able to build from there. We want to provide all the money needed for him to move into the apartment so that he can use his current savings as an emergency fund.






raised of a $2,500.00 goal

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