Need 21.20 – Single Woman Needs Second Skin Cancer Surgery

Today, we alert you to a 44-year-old single woman in need of a second skin cancer surgery in less than a year. She works at a bakery and has a small side business that adds to her income. She has been able to keep up her hours at the bakery, but the small business has suffered during the pandemic. In July of 2020, doctors discovered that she had squamous cell carcinoma on her face. During the surgery, the doctors realized that the cancerous area was larger than they had anticipated. Because the area was so large, she needed a skin graft from her chest. The surgery was successful, and over the next nine months, she began to recover physically and financially. She also began receiving what will be a lifetime of quarterly skin cancer screenings. At her last visit, the doctor discovered a very small squamous cell carcinoma on her chest.

To summarize her situation, she is terrified and almost broke. She does not have the money for the procedure. A very kind doctor has agreed to reduce the cost of the procedure, and time is of the essence. She needs $600 to schedule the appointment for what is expected to be a minor procedure. We want to help pay for the procedure as our local church partner encourages and comforts her during this scary time.






raised of a $600.00 goal

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