Need 21.19 – COVID Forced Digital Learning

We alert you to a family who needs help with their rent due to COVID forcing their six-year-old child into mandated digital learning. The family lives on two full-time incomes from both parents. In August, their child’s school system went to digital learning only, and they were forced to make some hard decisions. The mother chose to leave her full-time employment so she could care for her child at home. They have received some COVID relief money from the government, but she did not get unemployment benefits.

Fortunately, the school has opened back up, but over the course of the year, they have exhausted all of their savings. After searching for two months, the mother has secured new full-time employment. They are current on the rent, but they don’t have enough to pay their April bill of $1,300. The mother will be receiving a regular paycheck from now on, and with our help, we are confident they will recover. We want to help them with their April rent of $1,300.






raised of a $1,300.00 goal

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