Need 21.18 – Local Church Pastor Dealing with Mold Remediation

Today, we alert you to a local church pastor dealing with mold remediation in his family’s home. He and his wife have one child who has special needs. Their daughter’s ongoing care includes regularly scheduled medical tests. A month ago, her doctors noticed that she was being exposed to high levels of mold. They were not specifically testing for mold, but fortunately for the whole family, they discovered the mold exposure. In their efforts to discover the source of the problem, the pastor’s wife also underwent testing for mold exposure, and she also registered at a high level.

They eventually discovered that the mold was coming from a ductless mini-split climate control unit in their home. They were unaware that the unit required maintenance to prevent mold issues. Upon testing the home, they realized that they were facing a serious remediation project. Because this was a maintenance issue rather than an equipment problem, their insurance company will not pay anything toward the project. In order to eradicate the mold from their home, they will have to replace all non-washable soft surfaces including carpet, furniture, mattresses, etc. The cost for the initial remediation treatment is $4000, and the entire cost estimate for the project is $15,000, which will need to be completed before they can move back into their home.

This precious family is getting some support from their local church, but it simply is not enough. We want to help them pay for the initial cleaning cost of $4,000 and also support them with an additional $4,000 for their flooring and furniture needs. This is a big Need Alert, and it will take all of us doing what we can to help this pastor and his family.  Thank you for praying for them, sharing the need, and giving as the Lord leads you.

*We were able to adjust the amount needed due to other donations. The need was met at 7,000 rather than the original $8,000*






raised of a $7,000.00 goal

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