Need 21.17 – Single Mother With Heart Issue and Pneumonia

We alert you for the first time this week to a single mother dealing with a heart condition. You may remember Need Alert 21.10, which was for a single mother who underwent two surgeries to remove kidney stones. She was on schedule to return to work after the surgeries, but unfortunately, her heart started going into AFib. Her doctors tried several different courses of action, and she is now scheduled for a heart ablation procedure. She has also been diagnosed with pneumonia. As if this wasn’t enough, she and her son were both diagnosed with COVID-19, resulting in their quarantine. Because of these added health setbacks, she has been unable to work. Although it’s not typical to alert two separate needs for the same person, it does happen from time to time. We want to help her with one month of expenses for her bills and food. Essentially, this is a repeat of her past need, which will be $2,510 to help her through May.






raised of a $2,510.00 goal

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