Need 21.13 – Young Professional Needs Help

We alert you to a young professional that needs to buy a little time. He has a solid work history in healthcare sales and marketing and has worked through the pandemic shutdowns. In November, he earned a promotion, and the threat of future shutdowns seemed low at his company. He began working with mortgage lenders to buy his first home. The recommendation was that he should take all his savings and pay down all debt. He followed the advice and left himself one month of savings after paying off all debt. Then in January, at their annual kick-off meeting, he and his entire department were laid off. He has been working hard to gain new employment and has been down to final conversations with multiple companies. He even has two interviews today. He has applied for short-term employment with retails stores, but they have passed on him due to fear that he will leave as soon as he secures new employment in his field.  He is getting unemployment benefits, but it is not enough to cover his bills. His parents passed away when he was young, and his grandparents passed away several years ago. He does not have any family of any kind to support him. He is on his own. His total monthly bills are $3,180, and he needs help to get through April. We feel like this will buy him enough time to gain employment and recover.






raised of a $3,180.00 goal

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