Need 21.13 – 19-Year-Old Working Through Misdiagnosis

We alert you today to a 19-year-old young woman that is working her way through a misdiagnosis. Approximately six months ago, she experienced rapid weight gain and began losing her hair. She was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease and was prescribed steroids along with physical therapy. After four months of treatment, she stopped the treatment plan and went to a new doctor. That doctor diagnosed her on March 1st with osteomyelitis, C3-4 anterolisthesis on flexion, and interspinous inflammation/burtius overlaying the C7/ T1 Spinal processes. The steroids and type of physical therapy she was doing actually made her condition worsen. She now needs at least two spinal injections ($846) and more physical therapy ($2,048). Her insurance company is not covering the new treatment because she has hit a limit within her coverage. We want to help her get better. She needs $2,894 for the injections and the PT.






raised of a $2,894.00 goal

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