Need 21.11 – Young Family Needs Help Due to COVID Shutdown

We alert you to a young family of two boys (7, 6 months) who need help after the father was laid off in December due to COVID shutdowns. The husband has worked during the entire pandemic, and the mother worked up until the month their second child was born. The business that employed the husband hung on as long as possible but continued COVID shutdowns, eventually forced the owner to close the doors and lay off all workers. Both parents have a solid work history. We have worked through their financials with them, and at the time of the lay-off, they had approximately $9,000 (3 months of security) in savings. They are both looking for work, and we are praying that they will secure work soon. Please join us in praying for these young parents to secure work. They have not gotten any unemployment benefits or other government assistance and have no money to make it through March. The newborn has health complications that include an allergy to the mother’s milk protein and requires a special formula to add to the stress. They live in a small two-bedroom apartment, and their main monthly expense is $1,600 in rent. Other expenses include utilities, medicine for the newborn, one car payment and insurance, and groceries. Their total monthly need is $3,035. We want to help them make it through March. They are also expecting COVID relief money in mid-March that will help them in April. We are prayerful that they will gain employment in the next 30 days and begin recovering.






raised of a $3,035.00 goal

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