Need 21.10 – Single Mother of Two Recovering From Surgery

We alert you today to a single mother of two boys (16,12) that needs help. I think it will help to give you a little back story on this family. Seven years ago, her oldest child was a freshman in college. While home on a break, he committed suicide. This sent the mother into a tailspin resulting in a year of homelessness due to debilitating depression. She worked her way out of living in a shed to the point that she and her children lived at the daycare that employed her for a time period. During this time, her youngest child was mauled by a dog resulting in scaring on his face. They persevered through all these trials and have sustained themselves in their own apartment for the past year. In January of this year, doctors discovered that she had a massive kidney stone. She battled infections and underwent two surgeries from January to the middle of February. While out of work, her employer told her she was on unpaid medical leave and that her job would be there for her when she recovered. She recovered and reached out to her boss. The boss has not replied for the past two weeks, and she is now scrambling to find new employment. Using her small savings while relying on friends helped her make ends meet from January to February. She is now at least two weeks from a first paycheck, and she needs help with all of her March expenses. Her monthly bills are reasonable and include rent, utilities, car insurance, phone, food for the month, and fuel.  We have worked through her bills with her, and she needs $2,510 to get through March.






raised of a $2,510.00 goal

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