Need 20.9 – Multiple Car Trouble Threatens A Families Housing Stability

We alert you to a family that needs help with part of their rent and getting the husband's work truck repaired. One year ago, the husband left employment with a window washing company and started his own business. His new company power washes, cleans gutters, and other services homeowners need regularly. The mother works 30 hours per week teaching at a daycare. Three weeks ago, the wife's van broke down. After several days of working to figure it out, they were able to repair the van. The next day the husband's work truck broke down. He must have this truck to work, and he currently has 6 to 8 jobs awaiting its repair. He is is doing his best to work out of the family van, but with the children's (13, 12, 3, 5) needs and his wife's commute needs, it is debilitating to his business and therefore wrecking their otherwise stable budget. They are $560 behind on rent, and the truck needs $600 in repairs. We want to help them with their rent and truck repairs.






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