Need 20.69 – Single Mother Suffering From Kidney Failure

We alert you for the last time this week to a single mother (7 and 9) that suffered kidney failure this past April and then in June went through a divorce she did not want. She is currently on dialysis awaiting a kidney transplant. Her illness also led to seizures and other issues that impact her ability to work. She is working on her disability claim, but that is taking up to 5 months right now. She is about three months into that process. She does have some family support, but the financial strain is proving too much for family members. She is going to be faced with making housing decisions in the coming months due to her illness. Her February and March rent is covered because it is the end of her apartment lease, and she will be able to use her security deposit to cover those months. Currently, she is $375 behind from last month and needs $1,475 to cover this month. We want to help her avoid eviction going on her record during her illness and get through this month. She will then be ok until April when she can evaluate her and her children’s housing situation. She needs $1,850 total to avoid the apartment complex starting the eviction process.






raised of a $1,850.00 goal

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