Need 20.67 – Family In Need After Lay Off

We alert you to a family in need after the father was laid off in early October due to COVID-19 shutdowns. The mother has been able to continue to work part-time but has not converted to full-time, although she has tried. They were able to sustain themselves the past seven weeks on savings but now find themselves unable to make ends meet. They are in danger of losing their housing and transportation. The husband is actively looking for employment but has run into the typical year-end delays. This family has worked through the entire pandemic and now is not getting unemployment due to the backlog that the COVID-19 shutdown has caused. We want o help them with one month of their bills. The main issues we want to address are their housing and transportation needs. They need $2,100 to cover their rent, car payment, and insurance.






raised of a $2,100.00 goal

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