Need 20.65 – Single Mother Of 4 Recovering From Surgery

We alert you today to a 36-year-old single mother of four that needs help. She was dealing with health issues for quite a while when the doctors determined that she needed a full hysterectomy. In September, she underwent the needed surgery. During her recovery, she suffered from severe complications that required another surgery to be performed. This development more than doubled her original expected recovery time. As a result, she has used all of her savings and has fallen behind on monthly bills. She has a long history of providing for her children, and we want to help stabilize her as she will return to work in just over two weeks. She needs help with utilities ($350), car insurance ($165), and two months of rent ($1,400). We would also like to help the family with an additional $250 for food and daily supplies.






raised of a $2,165.00 goal

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