Need 20.62 – Paraplegic Man In Need After Undergoing Two Surgeries

We alert you to a paraplegic man in need after undergoing two surgeries. He is 55 years old and has been paralyzed at his C7 for thirty-five years. He is married and has one child. His wife is a nurse, and their son is active in martial arts. Recently he as has undergone two surgeries. The first was a colostomy bag revision to correct a problem resulting from the original surgery. He also had surgery to remove part of his tailbone due to an abscess. He will need at least six weeks of full-time care, and his wife is taking off work to be his caregiver. They are faithful members of one of our church partners and were very hesitant to reach out for help. This is causing massive financial strain on the family, and we want o help them by removing the financial stress while he recovers. While their monthly bills are reasonable at $2,265 total per month, they really need two months of help plus $600 for a co-pay for his four-day hospital stay. Adding all of this up makes it a sizable Need Alert, so it will take us all doing what we can to help meet this Need. The Need Alert includes two months of bills plus the co-pay and totals $5,330.






raised of a $5,330.00 goal

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