Need 20.61 – Couple In Need After Husband Suffers Stroke

We alert you to a couple in need because the husband suffered a stroke. The husband is in the hospital, and the wife has not been allowed to see him due to the COVID Shutdown. She has been able to talk to him by phone. His speech is impaired, and he is suffering from some loss of function in his movement. We are prayerful that he will recover enough to return home by the end of the month. While we are unsure how he will recover from home, we know that he will not work for at least sixty days. The truth is he may never return to full work capacity. Before the COVID Shutdown, they had a successful small business. They lost that business, their only source of income, in April. As a result, they are dealing with severe financial hardship. They have put most of their bills in forbearance for the past six months, and they will need to start regular payments again starting next month. We have worked through their budget thoroughly and understand that we will not be able to “fix” everything with a Need Alert. They are looking at hard financial decisions down the road. I want to take the financial pressure of daily living off of them while they figure out the next steps. They have utilities, car payment, food, communication, and other needs that we would want to help them keep for the next two months. The total cost to keep them afloat for the next two months is $2,188. We want to take this pressure off them while he continues to heal, and they can address their future financial options.






raised of a $2,188.00 goal

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