Need 20.53 – Woman In Need Of Legal Fees

A brief statement before explaining this Need Alert to you:

This Need Alert is for legal fees for a woman that is going through a divorce. When you get a Need Alert from us, it represents 10-12 other Needs that we have worked that do not get Alerted to you. That is because they do not fall into the relief category; they fall into the rehabilitation or development category. In those situations, we work to help the person but do not feel it is appropriate to apply financial relief to the problem. Many times, requests for legal fees for divorce turn into rehabilitation for the marriage. We believe God wants marriage to remain intact, so we allow that to guide us. However, there are times when it is unavoidable.

We alert you today to a woman that has been married for 24 years to her husband. They have four children together (21,19,16,12). She works full-time and volunteers faithfully at one of our church partners, but he has been the primary breadwinner. Last October, he left. She has tried to save the marriage, but he wants a divorce. She does not want a divorce. She can not afford legal fees, and he knows it. He offered for her to work with his attorney, and she would not have to take on representation. The proposed agreement will leave her unable to provide for herself going forward. She is already drowning financially, and this agreement would ensure her total financial collapse. She needs $2,500 for legal fees to help her through this sad situation. We want to help her.






raised of a $2,500.00 goal

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