Need 20.50 – 80-Year-Old Man In Need Due To COVID-19 Shutdown

We alert you to an 80-year-old man that is in need due to his part-time work shutting down for COVID-19. He has spent 45 years providing for himself and his family tuning industrial boiler and furnaces. He was laid off four years ago and has continued to provide for himself by working part-time jobs and combining that income with his social security. Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, he has been unable to work his part-time jobs since March. He has burned through his savings and is now $2,200 behind on rent and utilities. He also had to borrow money from his neighbor to get his medicines this month and needs to pay that money back as well. He is using food pantries to get food and is in real danger of losing his home in the coming weeks. We want to help him get caught up as jobs are now opening back up in his area of the country.






raised of a $2,200.00 goal


  1. Ann Wright
    18.08.2020 at 8:49 am

    I have read each need that is presented by One Need, and have done so for a long time. This particular need hits me deeper! At this moment I am staying with my 81 year old father due to a recent stroke that he had. Knowing my father’s circumstances at this time of his life, my mind is screaming with questions regarding this gentleman’s current circumstances. Why in the world is he providing for a family, having to work, and needing to borrow for medicines??? I realize it is none of my business, but my heart is overwhelmed for him. Surely there is hope for this man going forward! Thank you for making his immediate need known. Ann

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