Need 20.49 – Single Mother Laid Off Due to COVID-19 Shutdown

We alert you to a single mother (kids 12,8) that works full-time as a nurse in a hospital. As a result of the COVID-19 shutdown, she was laid off in March because there were very few patients in the hospital. The hospital did not file for unemployment benefits for her and the other employees until mid-June. Therefore, she has only gotten a one-time stimulus check. She is now back to work full-time, and her children start school next Monday. She is in danger of losing her car and being evicted if she does not get some financial relief. She needs help with overdue rent, car payments, and utilities. She also needs a little help in getting some necessary school supplies. To catch everything up is $2,900. We want to help her.






raised of a $2,900.00 goal

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