Need 20.46 – Woman Caring For Husband Needs Car Repairs

We alert you to a woman that is caring for her husband that is suffering from dementia. He is in the advanced stages, and she has been his primary care provider for the past seven years while working full-time to provide for her and her husband. She does have some family support, but they are not capable of helping financially with this need. Her check engine light came on in her 2011 Ford Focus. The car is ordinarily reliable and is still running for her now. However, this is her birthday month, and she has to get her tag renewed. To pass emissions, she must get the car repaired. The issue is a sensor and the catalytic converter. She has had it quoted from a trusted auto mechanic group, and the repair will cost $1,350. She cannot pay this, and we would like to lighten her load by helping her fix their only form of transportation.






raised of a $1,350.00 goal

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