Need 20.44 – Bike Accident Paralyzes 15-year-old Child

We alert you to a family in need after their 15-year-old son suffered a spinal injury leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. Last year he was performing a bike trick that he had done many times when he fell and broke his C3 through C7, shattering his C5. He underwent three spinal surgeries and completed a therapy plan at Shepard Center in Atlanta, Georgia. He is now home, and the family is adjusting to their new life. One of our local church partners is holding an event to benefit this family as they work to pay for additional therapy, medication, and other expenses. We would like to help the cause, and they will be presented the check for the money we raise on Friday, July 10th. I am setting the goal at $10,000 and will leave this Need Alert open until noon on the 10th. The church partner has posted a video interview with the family, and you can see that video by clicking HERE.






raised of a $3,845.00 goal

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