Need 20.43 – Nursing Student In Need Of Help

We alert you to a single mother that is a nursing student and needs help. She has been in nursing school for six months and is looking at two more years to become a Registered Nurse. She has seen real suffering in her life and is working very hard to advance herself. She works cleaning houses to provide for herself and her child while in school. The COVID-19 shutdown has decimated her business. She has gotten some stimulus money and recently obtained unemployment benefits. She has spent almost all of herĀ stimulus money trying to catch up but is still one month behind on rent. She is close to getting new employment, and we are praying with her that she is successful before the federal unemployment supplementĀ runs out at the end of July. We would like to help her get current with her rent ($1,350) as she works to recover and move forward.






raised of a $1,350.00 goal

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