Need 20.41 – Ghanaian Doctoral Student In Need

We alert you to a Ghanaian couple who have come to the United States for the husband to complete a Doctor of Theology degree and return to Ghana to train the next generation of African pastors. They have lived in The United States for about four years. Having completed his master's degree, he is now in a doctoral program. They are also a part of the membership of one of our local church partners.

Though they were told she would have trouble conceiving, they discovered the wife was pregnant the summer after the husband finished his masters. Being between institutions, they could not retain insurance coverage from their previous institution and could not be enrolled for coverage in the new institution until January. They had been receiving prenatal care at a local community health clinic until they could be fully insured. Sadly, she suffered a miscarriage that required emergency room support and surgical follow-up at the end of November. (less than two months before they could regain coverage) Across that window of time, they could not be insured by their respective institutions. The result is that they bear the full financial burden of all that hospitalization in addition to the heartache of their loss. They are living on his student stipend, and she is unable to work because of the stipulations of his student visa. They are just getting by, financially-speaking.

The original hospital bill they had been dealing with was approximately $14,000.  Our local church partner is working to provide them some relief and has negotiated it down to $8814. Pay that, and the slate is clean. This couple is far from home and family support on their mission to spread the gospel across Africa. While the entire amount may be out of reach for this single Need Alert, we will leave this need open for one week and continue to pray that God will provide for them through His Church.






raised of a $8,814.00 goal

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