Need 20.40 – Air Force Veteran Forced To Move Due To COVID-19 Shutdown

We alert you to an Air Force veteran that is being forced to move due to the COVID-19 shutdown. He has been living with a roommate that owns the property, and he pays the roommate rent. It was an affordable place to live while he grew his small business. As a result of the shutdown, the roommate/property owner is moving his family into the property. This development means there will be five additional people in the two-bedroom apartment. There is no room for a roommate, and it comes at a time when his small business has been devastated by the shutdown. We are working alongside another organization, through our local church partner, and want to help with half of the cost to help him make a move. We need to $700 for rent and deposit and would like to get him $300 in food and daily supplies.






raised of a $1,000.00 goal

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