Need 20.4 – Woman Needs Neck Surgery

We alert you to a woman that needs neck surgery to get back to work. She is not sure how it happened, but she woke in pain one morning in October of last year. She works in home health and quickly realized that she could not move patients without pain. She began seeking treatment to get relief, and physical therapy has not helped. She is suffering from two herniated disks in her neck. She did not make any claims for unemployment or disability, and she and her husband have been making ends meet with his salary alone. She is scheduled for surgery in a few weeks, and her insurance requires $1000 deductible and $500 co-pay. They do not have the money to make these payments. She is facing about six weeks of recovery and after she will be able to return to work. We want to help her with the deductible and co-pay and help her get back to work.






raised of a $1,500.00 goal

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