Need 20.39 – 37 Days In ICU With COVID-19 Virus

We alert you today to a family of four that's husband/dad spent 37 days in ICU after contracting the COVIID-19 virus. He is now home and recovering but will not be able to return to work until August. The wife is back to work, and each of the teenage children is working full-time. He is getting short-term disability, but it is not enough for them to cover their regular monthly bills. The reduced income has left them with a $1,800 per month's lack in their budget. They need help for two months. We would like to help them with $3,200 (two-month budget shortfall). We are confident that he will be back to work after this support and able to provide financially once again for his family.






raised of a $3,200.00 goal

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