Need 20.33 – Family Needs Help With Cremation Cost Of Their Mother

We alert you to a family of four (kids 8, 4) that needs help with the cost of cremation of the wife's mother that passed away two days ago. Several financial setbacks are colliding to render them unable to pay for the cremation expenses. The wife stayed at home to take care of her mother in her final days (about two months). She relied on her mother's social security check to make ends meet, and those funds are no longer available. The husband lost his job on March 6th due to the COVID-19 shutdown, but quickly changed fields and secured new employment. He will get his first paycheck next Friday. They did get some stimulus money, but that went to cover the lost income in March. They need $850 for the cremation and an additional $1,080 to make ends meet until the husband gets his first paycheck. The wife is working hard to secure employment, and we are confident that they will be able to sustain themselves after this relief.






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