Need 20.3 – Walking With Family of 3 Through Marriage Separation

We alert you to a family that we are walking with, through our local church partner, that is going through separation and possible divorce. The husband/father has an entrepreneurial work history and, in recent years, has been dealt a few failures. The wife/mother worked primarily at home, raising their three children (10,13,17) for the past 17 years. During these tough times, the husband did not remain honest about the financial situation, and they lost their home in November of last year. All of their stuff went in storage, and the entire family moved into a friend's basement. The husband has gone through a season where he sort of "gave up." The wife secured employment in November and began boot stapping to recover financially. Three weeks ago, she took the children and left the basement to live on their own. The father has since secured employment with a Fortune 500 company at the VP level. He begins his work with them in ten days. He is also on his knees to save the marriage and is being honest with all involved about his struggles.

The husband has committed to counseling, and we are hopeful that the wife will attend as well. He has reached a point of brokenness and humility that he can begin healing. The issue is that they are at the brink financially. Although they will be ok financially when he begins to get paid from the new position, he has no money at this point. They have their things in storage, the kids have needs, and they need to be able to operate for the next month. Combining overdue bills, they need $2,200 to stay afloat until he can get paid. The wife/mother is making money, but without help, she will be taking on all the financial burden.

We want to help take a little of the financial burden away to help them focus on saving the marriage. We feel confident that they will recover going forward with their employment situation. Please say a quick prayer for them both.






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