Need 20.2 – Mother of 5 Flees Domestic Abuse

We alert you today to single mother of five children (1,2,3,9,10) that fled domestic violence a little over three months ago. She left with only her children and what they could take in their car. She moved one state for safety and spent the next eighty days in shelters and motels. She saved enough money and secured a two-bedroom apartment for the six of them. The father she left, due to abuse, is now in jail, and she and the children are safe. She ran into childcare issues that impeded her ability to work for the past few weeks. She has since gained childcare through a CAPS program and is back at work. She is behind $1,150 on her rent, and we want to provide her some relief by helping her pay her rent.






raised of a $1,150.00 goal

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