Need 20.17 – 23-Year-Old Civil Engineering Student Caring For Mother With Metastatic Breast Cancer

We alert you today to a 23-Year-Old civil engineering student that is caring for her mother. She is graduating in May and currently interning for an engineering firm where they pay her hourly. She uses that money to support her and her mother while balancing the last month of her schooling. In 2018 her mother battled with breast cancer, and over the past few months, they have been monitoring several growths around her eyes. On Feb 19th, the daughter took the mother to the emergency room because her eyes were swollen shut. She remained in the hospital for seven days, and the test results revealed that she has stage four Metastatic Breast Cancer. It has spread to her eyes and other parts of her body. The first course of treatment is radiation that began immediately to help her regain her sight, and there will be more treatment to come.

Caring for her mother has inhibited the daughter's ability to work at the internship and earn her hourly pay. She is back at work and doing her best, but she does not have money for rent this month or food. She graduates in May and will be able to work full-time and provide going forward. We want to help her get to May. She needs two months of rent (March and April) at $1,350 per month. We also want to give them $500 for food. This relief will allow the daughter to save the internship money for May rent and ordinary living expenses.






raised of a $3,200.00 goal

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