Need 20.13 – Widow In Need

We alert you today to a widow that needs help with her rent. She and her husband spent 22 years of their lives running a group home for foster children. They were forced to leave that career when he became ill, and she became his full-time caregiver. After she was widowed, she began driving for a limousine company. A few months ago, she lost that job because she was unable to perform at the level needed due to a herniated disk in her back. She did not file any claims but did start looking for new work immediately. She is close to securing new employment in senior care. She has lost her car and is relying on friends for food and rides right now. She needs $1,600 to pay her rent this month, or she will lose her apartment. We are praying with her that she secures employment this week. She has several opportunities that look promising.






raised of a $1,600.00 goal

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