Need 19.83 – Mother Of 1-Year Old Son In Rehabilitation Facility

We alert you to a young family in need. The couple has a one-year-old son, and the mother recently admitted herself to a rehabilitation facility. She is working to recover from childhood trauma and alcohol abuse. Insurance is paying for most of the treatment, but there are several gaps in the family's budget as a result of the mother's absence. They are missing her income ($580 per week), are incurring housing expenses at the facility ($275 per week), and need childcare ($300 per week) so that the father can continue to work full-time as a student pastor. They are Christ-followers and knew the financial risk of her seeking help. It is a severe situation, and they put her first knowing the financial risks. We want to support them during this challenging time for five weeks. The total need to cover loss of income, additional housing, and childcare is $5,775.






raised of a $4,710.00 goal

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