Need 19.82 – Man Released From Jail

We alert you to a 41-year-old man released from jail after serving four and a half months. While incarcerated, he read a book written by the lead pastor of one of our local church partners. The words inspired him, and he committed to finding and visiting the church upon his release. At the time his arrest, he used crack cocaine daily. He spent the past 17 years addicted to the drug and experienced his first sober day while in jail. Upon his release, he secured a spot in a drug program where they provide him housing, and he attends classes daily. He has also been attending church and has been sober (out of jail) for almost one month (5 1/2 months total). He is in the drug program for two months and is not allowed to work while in the program. He needs food and daily supplies during that time, as the program does not offer them. We want o help the local church provide regular supplies and food for him on an ongoing, relationship-driven, way for the next two months. We estimate the budget to meet this need at $600.






raised of a $600.00 goal

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