Need 19.80 – Father of 4 Suffering From Lyme Disease

We alert you today to a father of four (10, 9, 2, 5 months) that is suffering from Lyme Disease. He was diagnosed with the disease eight months ago, and it has now attacked his central nervous system. He has been suffering from symptoms, much like those with MS suffer until it is controlled. He and his wife run a small digital agency, and they have lost more than half of their revenue because the father has not been able to work full-time. They have lost clients, burned through business savings, and personal savings. He is now seeing a Lyme Disease specialist, and the first appointment cost them over $1,300. They are doing all they can to get him back to health so that they can recover financially. Currently, they are unable to pay their December mortgage payment of $1,900 (includes insurance and taxes), and we want to help them stay current with their mortgage while they work to get him back on his feet.






raised of a $1,125.00 goal

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