Need 19.74 – Single Woman Fighting Cancer While Losing Her Home

We alert you to a 59-year-old single woman that has been fighting cancer for several years and is weeks away from losing her home to foreclosure. This Need Alert is significantly larger than most, and it will require all of us to meet it. In addition to giving to this woman in need, I am asking you to make a concentrated effort to stop what you are doing and pray for her healing. She is very sick and has been for too long. We believe that we can impact change as we offer 1000s of prayers on her behalf. We are also ministering directly to her through a cancer support group at one of our local church partners.

Two years ago, she was a senior design consultant at a home decor company and earned over $5,000 per month. Her $1,308 per month mortgage was in line with a healthy budget, and she was fine supporting herself. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a total mastectomy. Soon after, cancer showed up again in her left lung, and she underwent another surgery where they removed her entire left lung. Now she is fighting brain cancer with chemotherapy; the prognosis is promising.

She is receiving SSI disability benefits, and they total $1,685 per month. The monthly benefits are not enough for her to keep her home. So, she has recruited two friends to live with her. One is paying $500 per month, and the other is paying $550 per month. This arrangement works while she receives treatment and fights to get back to work. Her new monthly rent liability will only be $258 if we can save her home from foreclosure. The financial turmoil from cancer has caused her to get very behind on her mortgage payments, and the lender will not work with her because they do not recognize the renters as a viable plan based on her income. We do. We think it is the best plan, and we want to help her save her home and solidify her housing and ease her suffering. She needs $8,079 to keep her home. ( We were able to negotiate with the mortgage company once we had a significant amount of money. We were able to meet the Need with less than originally expected)






raised of a $6,280.00 goal


  1. Gwen Tribble
    31.10.2019 at 8:15 am

    Praying for healing and peace as you go through your very courageous fight with this awful disease !!
    Never forget that nothing is impossible with the Creator who spoke the world into existence, and yet who loved you enough to send His Son to be tortured and to die so that you could be healed and spend eternity with Him in Heaven!!!

    3 John 2

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