Need 19.73 – Single Mother of 5 Being Evicted

We alert you today to a single mother of five (17, 13, 11, 5, 10 months) that is being evicted. She lost her job earlier this year and struggled to find new employment. They were evicted from their rental home this summer after living there for five years. Over the summer, the oldest child was able to work, and she helped them get into the apartment they are living in now.  The mother has now secured new employment, but she has not been able to pay October's rent. They are now facing eviction again because the mom's first paycheck will not be for two more weeks. She should be ok after the paychecks start coming in, but she needs help holding on to their home right now. The regular rent is $1,200, but there are now multiple late fees, and legal fees that she must pay, and the total needed is $1,890 to secure their housing.






raised of a $1,890.00 goal

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